Carol Gilligan

Vinka Jackson is a passionate advocate for children’s rights and social justice. Her wealth of experience in addressing child sexual abuse has led her to formulate an approach framed by the ethics of care.

In the years since we first crossed paths, I have observed her dedication, growth as well as her contribution to the Chilean social conversation surrounding the protection of children, and the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse.  Hers is an original voice speaking to issues of profound social concern.

Approaching childhood sexual abuse as a “grand and collective failure to care,” she has drawn on an ethic of care as her framework for thinking about children, the families and the justice system’s responses. Her work is important, pathbreaking, and should be shared with the wider world.

Carol Gilligan
Psicóloga (Harvard-NYU), filósofa y feminista de la diferencia
Pionera en la ética del cuidado